Pentair Easytouch Control System

Affordable, Easy to Use Pool/Spa Control System

Pentair Pool Equipment


Pentair Mastertemp Spa Heater
Pentair ScreenLogic 2 Interface
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Pentair ScreenLogic2 Interface

App Based Remote System

Pentair Clean and Clear Plus Cartridge Filter
Pentair Intelliflo VSF Pool Pump

Pentair Kreepy Krauly Legend II

Pressure Side Pool Cleaner Without the Expense of a Booster Pump 

Del AOP 25
Pentair Kreepy Krauly Legend II Pool Cleaner
Pentair Globrite Color Changing Pool Light

Complete Pool Packages

Not only do we advertise COMPLETE pool packages but we include upgraded efficient equipment to help keep your energy bill down and your pool sparkling clean. All of our standard salt pools come equipped with Pentair's innovative cleaning equipment. Why settle for less when considering one of the most crucial components of your pool. 


-400 sq ft pool
-Design, Plans, Engineering and Permit
-3'6" Shallow End Up to 6' Deep End
-Rebar 12" On Center*
-Gunite 3000 PSI
Mini StoneScApes Pebble Finish + crushed abalone shell
-Three Shallow End Steps
-Deep End Bench
-Cantilever Concrete edge

-Up to 400 sq ft of concrete included (salt, stamped or broom finish)
-Upgraded Choice of 6"x6" Waterline Tile
-Decorative Glass Step Tile
-2" Suction and Return Plumbing

-Auto fill 
-3 Pentair Globrite LED Color Changing Pool Lights
-Pentair Easy Touch 4 Control Panel

-Pentair Intellichlor salt generator
-Pentair 3 HP Variable SpEED Intelliflo Pump
-Pentair Kreepy Krauly Legend 2 Pool Sweep
-Pentair Clean and Clear plus Cartridge Filter
-Maintenance Kit
-Door Alarms
-Equip and Maintenance Tutorial

*Additional Steel May be Required Based on Soil Conditions. 

Pentair Globrite 

Affordable, Easy to Use Pool/Spa Control System

Pentair Easytouch Control System

Pentair Clean and Clear Plus Cartridge Filter

Pentair Mastertemp Spa Heater


DEL AOP® is dramatically more powerful than Chlorine and other sanitizers, and even more powerful than Ozone alone. In AOP systems, the highly unstable hydroxyl free radicals react with dissolved waterborne contaminants in a series of strong oxidation reactions. This process happens almost instantaneously.

AOP systems also destroy and prevent chloramines—formed when chlorine reacts with sweat or urine—that cause “pool smell”, eye, and skin irritations which dramatically increases water clarity and improves the pool experience.

Pentair Intelliflo VSF Pump

3 H.P. Variable Speed and Flow to Deliver Maximum Performance, Savings and Efficiency